21 Dec

In this technical world, everything is going online and the frauds are changing from offline to online too in this case the most common online fraud is your account being hacked. That is why they have been facing problems to figure out how to recover Twitter accounts. In this article, we will be helping you with the same and then you can follow the steps of Twitter account recovery so you have to keep your eyes as well as your ears open throughout the article. Ways to fix the problem you facing with Twitter -  

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  1. Requesting for a password reset 

The users can reset their password by requesting it via email using the password reset form and then you need to enter both usernames as well as your email address for the same and then you will be contacted by Twitter for the answer if my Twitter account was hacked

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                        How to recover hacked Twitter account?

  1. Contacting the support 

If you are not able to get your account back you should follow this new way which is to contact Twitter support for your Twitter recovery account if you still need the assistance. You can do this by submitting a support request and you must be sure that the email address which you are using is the same which you used while creating your account which means it is associated with the Twitter account which got hacked. Then Twitter will send you some additional information and these instructions will be sent to your email address make sure that you have included both your username and your email address while you are submitting the support request for your hacked account. We hope that the information provided by you was beneficial for you and you gained the most out of it.

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