05 Jan

If you are facing problem with pnp devices then this is the best place you could come to as in this article we will get you all the information which you need to deal with your problem of issues with the PNP monitor. So, let us dive into the sea of solutions so that we do not waste any time and your problem would be solved on time and you won’t have to face more troubles. Steps to fix the generic pnp monitor problem you are facing – 

  1. For the first step the users need to disconnect the monitor and once you have disconnected the monitor you need to attach it back to the monitor. 
  2. In the second step you have to remove as well as reconnect the GPU. 
  3. After this you have to update the Generic PNP monitor driver software and after the update only you could move to the next steps. 
  4. In this step you will be asked to remove and also reinstall the generic monitor device driver which is PNP so that you can move to the next steps and get done with the process you are into. 
  5. At this step you will have to go through an update with the display card driver software and after the update is done you can move ahead. 
  6. Now you are supposed to start or being a system file checking scan and once you are done with the file checking scan you need to see if you are available with the windows update or not and if there are no updates you can move to the last step. 

Lastly you have to do a system clean boot which will complete your process to solve the problem of Generic PNP monitor and you can now use it without any problems.

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