10 Aug

Being a Google user gives you perks and cream layers of benefits from syncing your device with your contacts and social media and with it to having access to Gmail and other economic and business benefits. But sometimes due to some error or default, Google goes under some problems which its users have to face as consequences. 

One of the common problems is the Google verification code not being received. This problem has spread wildly and become one of the general issues with Google. If you are also not able to receive verification code from Google via text, mail or any other mean, then this guide has brought to the reason why this issue is happening with you and how you can fix Google verification code not received. 

Causes behind not being able to receive Google verification code

  1. Weak internet connection and network can be a major reason why you are not able to receive Google verification code because the interrupted network will delay or put your verification code on a halt to travel.
  2. Be sure that the phone number or email id you have asked for verification code on is the same one that you have linked your device with Google. Mismatch credentials will disable the float of your verification code towards you.
  3. Don’t get panic and press the code to send button multiple times instead of waiting for few seconds because sometimes code receive might take some time and if you will press the sending button multiple time it will queue all the codes creating a jam.

How to fix Google verification code not receiving problem

  1. Check on internet connection
  2. Make sure you have linked the correct phone number and email id
  3. clear cache and cookies from your Google account
  4. In case if you are going through a Gmail verification code problem, follow the same steps and make sure you have asked for code on the same address as the one you have registered during signing up.
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